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[11月25日] 劳动与健康经济学Workshop

发布日期:2022-11-21 12:24    来源:

Long-term Effect of Unemployment on Health: Evidence from the Reform of State-owned Enterprises in China



会议形式:线上线下同步(发送自我简介至邮箱 获取线上会议信息)

地点:北京大学国家发展研究院承泽园院区 246教室




摘要:This paper uses CHARLS 2011-2018 to estimate the long-term effect of unemployment on health. Individual health and working status are endogenous due to reverse causality and omitted variables. This paper exploits the exogenous and massive involuntary layoff during the reform of state-owned enterprises in China in 1990s to solve the problem. Fixed effect model and propensity score matching method with controlling variables reflecting initial social economic status, health and job conditions are also used to further moderate the bias. The results show that unemployment has great negative impact on health in versatile indicators even after 10 years. Workers laid-off in 1998-2003, those unemployed in their middle career stage, men, both spouses laid-off and those losing job in 56-60 suffers the harshest shock. Women do not demonstrate significant results. Unhealthy behaviors like smoking, lower health utilization especially physical examination and lower life satisfaction exhibit important channels of the impact. Our paper provides new perspectives about the influence of unemployment for policymakers.