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[6月11日] 计量金融与大数据分析workshop

发布日期:2021-06-10 05:05    来源:

时间:2021年6月11日(周五)10:00 AM -- 11:30 AM


题目:Anti-social responses to “coal to gas”: An unexpected consequence of China’s Clean winter heating policy





报告摘:In the past decade, the Chinese government has sought to decrease air pollution through efforts such as the Clean Winter Heating Policy (CWHP) implemented in northern China. We use the heating project as a quasi-natural experiment to study how participation in the project impacts villagers pro(anti) social behaviors. Our results show that treatment villagers are more likely to take illegal straw burning actions and exhibit less prosocial behavior in both incentivized dictator game and public goods games. We further explore treatment heterogeneities and find that two channels are likely to lead to such unexpected consequences. First, CWHP was perceived as a negative income shock. Therefore, the villagers would want to cut down expenditures on straw disposal and become not as generous in the incentivized games. Second, CWHP could lead to lower happiness and satisfaction and directly affect social preference. Additional evidence suggests that the more antisocial and less prosocial behaviors could have been avoided because the project participants are likely to overestimate of their heating costs and underestimate the benefits such as lower indoor pollution.


孙昂,中国人民大学财金学院副教授。近年来从事发展经济学的研究,尤其是家庭的决策行为分析。研究成果发表在Journal of Development Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, Management Science, Demography等刊物上。