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发布日期:2021-06-01 05:00    来源:


主讲人: Kim-Sau Chung (Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University)

主持老师: (经院)吴泽南、石凡奇;(国发院)胡岠

参与老师: (经院)胡涛、吴泽南、石凡奇;(国发院)汪浩、胡岠

题目: Designing Open Source Licenses

作者Kim-Sau Chung and Melody Lo



报告摘要:The two most prominent examples of open source licenses are GPL and BSD.  GPL says the next developer cannot go proprietary, and can only go open source with the same license, namely GPL.  BSD says the next developer can go proprietary, and can also go open source with any open source license.  We provide a framework to study other (many of them never-heard-of) open source licenses.  We construct the universal space that contains all possible open source licenses, and present an environment in which it is without loss of generality for any developer going open source to choose only between the GPL and the BSD licenses.

主讲人简介:Kim-Sau Chung received his PhD at Wisconsin.  He has previously taught at Northwestern, Minnesota, HKU, and CUHK, and is now teaching at Hong Kong Baptist University.  His primary research areas are mechanism design, political economy, and the Chinese economy.  His work has been published in Econometrica, AER, Review of Economic Studies, IER, JET, EJ, and Journal of Public Economics.