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[12月2日] 劳动与健康经济学Workshop

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题目:Education and the Meritocratic Recruitment of Bureaucrats (基于贤能的官员选拔体制和人力资本投资)


Do merit-based recruitment policies create incentives for human capital investment? We provide evidence from historical Taiwan, where elite bureaucrats were recruited through a civil service examination. Quotas for successful candidates were set based on the 1948 populations of individuals' native provinces in mainland China, resulting in highly preferential quotas for certain groups. This system was abruptly replaced in 1962 by a uniform admissions policy. We leverage this variation to study the impacts of differential access to elite bureaucratic posts. We find that the additional incentives created by preferential quotas increased human capital accumulation and resulted in better long-run economic outcomes.


Dr. Huayu Xu is an Assistant Professor of Economics in National School of Development and ISSCAD at Peking University. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan in 2020. His research interests are in development economics and political economy.


题目:Social Stigma as a Barrier to HIV Testing: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Mozambique(社会污名化与HIV检测:来自莫桑比克的实验证据)


Public health experts have seen the stigma as a leading barrier affecting the delivery of HIV-related health care. By using a field experiment in Mozambique, this study identifies the role of stigma concerns in hindering HIV testing and quantifies the stigma barrier. To obtain local measures of the HIV stigma environment in the study sites, we conducted a baseline survey one year before the experiment. Experiment participants with excessive concerns, defined as overestimating the stigma in their communities, were randomly assigned an intervention to relieve stigma concerns. The intervention, which drew upon findings from the baseline survey, was designed to reveal the correct degree of stigma that a participant had overestimated. Analyses show that this intervention raised the HIV test uptake rate by 7.7 percentage points (or by 37 percent) from 20.7 percent under the control condition. To quantify the intervention effect, I introduced testing coupons of different values to estimate the demand curve for an HIV test. The concern-relieving intervention raised an individual’s willingness-to-pay for an HIV test by $1.30, or more than half of the daily cost-of-living in the study population.


于航,北大国发院、南南学院助理教授。美国密歇根大学经济学博士。他的研究涵盖了一系列发展经济学主题,包括健康,自然灾害,反贫困计划和政治经济学。 从方法上讲,他的大部分工作涉及实施社会实验,或者收集和分析原始数据。他目前正在开展有关抗击艾滋病流行和协助家庭应对自然灾害的实验,开展研究的地域包括中国和莫桑比克。