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[11月20日] 计量金融与大数据分析workshop

发布日期:2020-11-19 09:53    来源:

Regional Price Rigidity in China

时间:2020年11月20日(周五)10:00-11:30 am


主持人: (国发院)沈艳、黄卓、孙振庭、张俊妮、胡博




Using the product-level high-frequency price data, we have documented following stylized facts on the price rigidity in China: (1) Nation-wide price duration is 7-8 months, while it is 9-11 months in the US; (2) There exists huge heterogeneity among product categories; (3) There exists huge heterogeneity among provinces and cities; (4) Temporary sales do not play a big role in China, while they do in the US; (5) Symmetric price increases and decreases are observed in China while it is not symmetric in the US.