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[6月8日] 劳动与健康经济学Workshop

发布日期:2022-06-06 12:09    来源:

 事半功倍: 门诊医保支付对慢病管理的影响



     (经院)秦雪征、石菊、王耀璟、袁野、Kevin Devereux



Healthcare spending grows faster than the world economy. Yet many healthcare systems lack effective healthcare cost control. We study a pilot insurance program in China that promoted primary care use through lowering cost sharing for outpatient drug spending for hypertension and diabetes—top two chronic diseases in China. Utilizing a unique administrative medical dataset and a difference-in-differences method, we find that the program-eligible patients had significantly increased the use of outpatient care and experienced reduced probability of hospitalization. Information and salience of the program can explain half of program’s total impact on healthcare use and expenditure. Overall, a lower cost sharing for primary care achieved better disease management and a substantial net saving of total healthcare expenditure.


杨婉彧,东北财经大学高等经济研究院助理教授,于2018年获得新加坡国立大学经济学博士学位,研究方向是卫生经济学,公共经济学,和中国经济,在Journal of Public Economics和经济研究学术期刊上发表过论文。