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发布日期:2021-10-11 11:34    来源:

Farsighted Preference, Intention-Behavior Gap and Self-regulation

主讲人: 申萌(首都经济贸易大学经济学院副教授)

主持老师: (经院)吴泽南、石凡奇;(国发院)胡岠

参与老师: (经院)胡涛、吴泽南、石凡奇;(国发院)汪浩、胡岠

题目Farsighted Preference, Intention-Behavior Gap and Self-regulation




Departure from the conventional wisdom, this paper shows that people treat sustainability as priority may not lead to sustainable behavior but intention-behavior gap. Axiomatic characterizations are proposed for a far-sighted preference, in which the agent does not discount distant future reward from sustainability but discount future consumption as usual. A far-sighted agent intends to let the future-selves take more responsibilities because their consumption cost is less important due to discounting. However, their behavior is automatically triggered by situational cues and thus highly routinized. Self-regulation is like an uphill road and become a Sisyphean task if the road is too long. Furthermore, the existence and disappearance of greenium is discussed as an example.