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[10月12日] 国际经济学Workshop

发布日期:2021-10-11 09:44    来源:

Multinationals and Structural Transformation


时间:20211012日(周二)10:00-11:30 am


主讲人:Chen cheng, Clemson University



会议号:926 3889 7210


摘要:We study the role of multinationals (MNCs) in driving structural transformation. We begin by developing a stylized two country two sector general equilibrium model with multinational production and trade. We show analytically that a decrease in FDI costs leads to an increase in the manufacturing employment share of the host country and a decrease in the source country, consistent with structural transformation. We test the model’s firm-level predictions by using confidential microdata to study the response of Japanese MNC parents and affiliates to an exogenous change in China’s openness to FDI. We find that Japanese MNC’s China affiliates in industries where inward FDI was exogenously encouraged experienced increases in manufacturing employment. We also find that MNC parents in industries where inward FDI was encouraged experienced larger losses in home country manufacturing employment and increases in home country services and R&D employment. Finally, we expand our confidential microdata to cover several high and middle-income countries and implement an accounting decomposition separating the change in overall manufacturing employment shares into MNC and non-MNC components. We find a significant role for MNCs across all countries, suggesting the mechanism we highlight is an important driver of structural transformation.

主讲人简介: Cheng Chen currently works as an Assistant Professor of Clemson University. His research is in international trade and investment, organizational economics, and firm dynamics. Now, he is particularly interested in import competition and multinational firms, firm management and organization, and uncertainty and information.


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