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[9月14日] 国际经济学Workshop

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National Sentiments in the US-China Trade War: The View from Box Office in China

时间:2021914日(周二)10:30-12:00 am



主讲人:Lixin Tang (Jinan University)

作者:Haichao Fan, Yichuan Hu and Lixin Tang

摘要: We study the effects of the US-China trade war on national sentiments towards the United States in China. We focus on the motion pictures industry in China, a sector not affected by trade war tariffs, over 2017-2019. We find that a city's exposure to US tariffs has significant adverse effects on US films' box office performance. The loss in box office revenue for US films due to the trade war is estimated at 2.9 billion yuan (US$ 426 million). In contrast, exposure to US tariffs is associated with an improvement in the box office performance of Chinese films. We conduct several checks to rule out supply-side explanations. The effects of tariff exposure on box office performance of US films are more pronounced for drama, romance, and comedy films and less significant for sci-fi, fantasy and animation films. We interpret the deterioration in US films' box office performance as a consequence of a negative shift in national sentiments towards the US.

主讲人简介: Lixin Tang currently works as an Associate Professor at Jinan University. His research interests range from international trade, macroeconomics to development economics. Now, he is the referee servicer of Review of Economic Dynamics, Journal of Population Economics, Review of Economics of the Household, Frontier of Economics in China, China Economic Review, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy and International Economics, and has presented plenty of conferences and seminars.