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[1月7日] 微观理论workshop

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微观理论workshopPerfect Altruism Breeds Time Consistency

主讲人: Xiangyu Qu(瞿翔宇)

主持老师: (经院)吴泽南、石凡奇;(国发院)胡岠

参与老师: (经院)胡涛、吴泽南、石凡奇;(国发院)汪浩、胡岠

题目: Perfect Altruism Breeds Time Consistency




Economic analysis and policy making, in particular about intergenerational equity, mainly centre on the determination of social discount factor and instantaneous utility. This paper shapes this problem in a preference aggregation approach by characterizing jointly social parameters. We identify the various principles to characterize either time consistent or inconsistent social planner, whose parameters are determined by the relative individual parameters. Adopting the differential principles leads to different social discounting, which may bring novel insights into conventional analysis and overturn potentially recommendations for economic policy.


Xiangyu Qu(瞿翔宇) is a researcher of The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS,法国国家科学研究中心) and one of the faculty of the Centre dEconomie de la Sorbonne (索邦经济研究所)of University of Paris 1. He has made some contributions to decision theory and public economics. Areas of specialization include the decision theory under ambiguity, preference aggregation and social inequality.




时间:202117 04:30 下午 北京,上海

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