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Finance and Economic Performance in China", Stockholm 12-14 June, 2009

Recent financial and economic turbulence has with overwhelming clarity shown how interrelated the world economy has become over the past two decades. In the meantime, China has become a significant engine of economic growth for the world economy. It is therefore our pleasure to open the call for papers for an international symposium on "Finance and Economic Performance in China"

Organized by:
China Economic Research Center at the Stockholm School of Economics and China Center for Economic Research at Peking University

Topics include

Ø      China in the world economy including e.g.:

-         Outsourcing and foreign direct investment; Trade; China and the WTO.

Ø      The sustainability of Chinas economic growth including e.g.:

-         Social and regional inequality; Sustainability.

Ø      Finance including e.g.:

-         Financial development and economic growth; Financial integration

A scientific journal will be approached investigating the possibility of launching a special issue on selected conference papers.

Financial support
For paper presenters, the organizer provides lodging and full board during the conference. For a few participants, the organizer may also cover travel expenditures in connection with the conference. Those who want to apply for travel cost coverage may include that in the application. All presenters should be prepared to comment on one paper given at the seminar.

The conference will take place at Kämpasten, SSE's conference facility in Sigtuna north of Stockholm a mere 15km from Arlanda Airport,

Abstract and application is to be submitted no later than May 1st, 2009. A full paper version is to be submitted no later than May 20th, 2009

Contact details
For conference applications: please e-mail our administrator at

Nanhee Lee(Ms.)

China Economic Research Center

Stockholm School of Economics

P.O.Box 6501

113 83 Stockholm, Sweden

Dir: +4687369364

Fax: +468313017