Peking University Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship Call for Applications 2018

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Founded in 1898, Peking University was initially named as the Imperial University of Peking, whose establishment marked the threshold of modern Chinese higher education. Now with a community of over 40, 000 students, faculty members and staff from a variety of cultural backgrounds, Peking University has become a vibrant and internationalized institution in promoting teaching and academic studies.

Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship, initiated by Peking University in 2016, aims at drawing prospective young talents all over the world to conduct postdoctoral research and pursue academic excellence at Peking University, Beijing, China. It offers young researchers opportunities to conduct research in diverse branches of learning such as basic and applied sciences, social sciences, humanities, management, engineering and education.


In the academic year of 2018, no more than 200 fellowships will be awarded to highly qualified, early-career postdoctoral researchers. Each Fellowship is no less than 540,000RMB (including basic annual salary, insurances, housing subsidies, etc.) and is awarded for 24 consecutive months.

Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

The fellowship is open to highly qualified researchers of all nationalities who received their PhD no more than three years prior to the deadlines of the corresponding calls, as are instructed below. Researchers holding a tenure or tenure-track faculty position are not eligible to apply.

Selection is based on the academic excellence of the applicant, the quality of the proposed research project, compelling demonstration of the anticipated synergy of the proposed research project and the host institution, and the commitment of postdoctoral supervisor at Peking University. The excellent research proposal should include information on how the project will benefit from the research environments of Peking University.


The applicants must identify one faculty member at Peking University who will serve as a postdoctoral supervisor and get his/her written endorsement (Information about postdoc supervisors at Peking University could be found at schools, departments, institutes or centers by visiting : number of the fellowships is limited to no more than 200 for 2018 academic year and will be awarded through two rounds of application and selection in 2018. No more than 140 fellowships will be awarded for the first round and no more than 60 fellowships will be awarded for the second round.

Time Table

Round One:

1. January 10 to March 20, 2018: call for applications.

2. April 10, 2018: preliminary evaluation decisions by schools, departments, institutes or Centers of Peking University

3. May 10 to 20, 2018: publicity period and final award decisions

Round Two:

1. September 1 to October 15, 2018: call for applications.

2. November 5, 2018: preliminary evaluation decisions by schools, departments, institutes or Centers of Peking University

3. November 30 to December 10, 2018: publicity period and final award decisions


Application Materials

All application documents must be prepared in Chinese or English and include the following:

1. Application Form of Peking University Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship(see attachment 1);

2.Two recommendation letters (including one from the applicant’s doctoral supervisor), the letters can be sent to the corresponding coordinators (see attachment 2) directly if the referees prefer;

3. One explicit endorsement letter by the postdoc supervisor at Peking University including detailed information on the added value for the research project and a clear statement of commitment regarding the physical and intellectual research environment that the supervisor will provide to the fellow;

Application Deadlines

Round One: March 20, 2018

Round Two: October 15, 2018



The complete application should be saved as one file in pdf format. Please submit it by email to the corresponding coordinator (see attachment 2) in the potential postdoctoral supervisor’s schools, departments, institutes and centers. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Postdoctoral Affairs Office, Peking University

Fan Deshang (Mr)

Tel: 86-10-62751229



Postdoctoral life is a unique and critical experience in one’s professional career. Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship offers all prospective postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to take advantage of the resources to get the most out of one’s experience at Peking University. We wish you success in your application and a prosperous future in your research endeavors and hope that you find great reward and satisfaction in experiencing Chinese rich and unique culture heritage, and in the relationships you build and cultivate during your time at Peking University.


More Information:

1. Please direct all further inquiries to the coordinators listed in the tables (see attachment 2).

2. Postdoctoral Fellows may choose to register at the Office of China’s National Postdoctoral Affairs Management Committee to have access to China’s postdoctoral funds and other special privileges.

3. International postdoctoral fellows will have to sign an agreement with Peking University to initiate the visa application procedure before conducting their postdoctoral research at PKU.

Attachment 1: Postdoctoral Affairs Coordinators and Contact Information Attachment 1

Attachment 2: Application Form of Boya Postdoctoral Fellowship Attachment 2