HR Marketing Intern(雇主品牌实习生) wanted by BMW

发布日期:2013-10-29 03:08    来源:北京大学国家发展研究院

Here comes an Intern opportunity from BMW China.  Pls send your application and CV to

Application deadline: Nov. 1, 2013.


HR Marketing Intern(雇主品牌实习生)


- Assist in the planning and implementation of BMW China HR marketing initiatives, with work content including but not limited to project design, communication with related internal and external parties (such as company counterparts, vendors and cooperation university contacts) and event/process management in the following sectors:

1.Online: BMW China career portals, campus portals and BMW China Recruiting Weibo and etc.

2.Event: job fairs, campus events, BMW Strategic Internship Program and etc.

3.Communication: advertisements, university relationship management and etc.

- Other tasks assigned by line manager.



- Current school student at a renowned university, living in Beijing and graduating later than 2014.

- Proficient in English, with advanced interpersonal communication skills.

- No requirements of study fields but preferably having related project management experience.

- An experienced driver.

- 5 days a week for continuously 6 months.



实习时间 6个月以上 , 每周工作5天