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CCER讨论稿:BigTech Credit and Monetary Policy Transmission: Micro-Level Evidence from China

发布日期:2022-07-29 04:00    来源:

E2022011                                                                                                     2022-07-28

Yiping Huang, Xiang Li, Han Qiu, Changhua Yu



This paper studies monetary policy transmission through BigTech and traditional banks. By comparing business loans made by a BigTech bank with those made by traditional banks, it finds that BigTech loans tend to be smaller, and the BigTech bank grants credit to more new borrowers compared with conventional banks in response to expansionary monetary policy. The BigTech bank's advantages in information, monitoring, and risk management are the potential mechanisms. The analysis also finds that BigTech and traditional bank credits to firms that have already borrowed from these banks respond similarly to changes in monetary policy. Overall, BigTech credit amplifies monetary policy transmission mainly through the extensive margin. In addition, monetary policy has a stronger impact on the real economy through BigTech lending than traditional bank loans.


Keywords: Financial Technology; Bank Lending, Monetary Policy Transmission

JEL Codes: E52; G21; G23