CCER讨论稿:Big techs, QR code payments and financial inclusion

发布日期:2022-07-28 12:00    来源:

E2022009                                                                                                              2022-07-28

Thorsten Beck, Leonardo Gambacorta, Yiping Huang,
Zhenhua Li, and Han Qiu


Using a unique dataset of around half a million Chinese firms that use a QR code-based mobile payment system, we find that (i) the creation of a digital payment footprint allows firms to access credit provided by the same big tech company; (ii) transaction data generated via QR code generate spillover effects on access to bank credit; and (iii) there are positive effects of access to big tech credit on sales, including during the Covid-19 shock. The findings suggest that access to innovative payment methods helps micro firms build up credit history, and that using big tech credit can ease access to bank credit.

Keywords: big tech, big data, QR code, banks, asymmetric information, financial inclusion, credit markets.

JEL classification: D22, G31, R30.