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余淼杰教授新书“China-US Trade War and Trade Talk”出版

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近日,余淼杰教授的专著“China-US Trade War and Trade Talk”由Springer出版。这是余淼杰教授继《Trade Openness and China’s Economic Development》之后的第二本英文著作。


About the author
Professor Miaojie Yu is University Liberal-Art Chair Professor and Deputy Dean of National School of Development (NSD), Peking University. He is a Chang-Jiang Scholar of Ministry of Education of China, and is awarded as China’s National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. Professor Yu’s research includes international trade and Chinese economy. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and 10 books in English and Chinese, and won the prize of Royal Economic Society (2015).

“China’s tremendous growth over the past several decades has greatly expanded its role in the world economy. Neighboring countries in Asia, those in Africa, as well as in Europe and the United States are all tied to China through global production chains. Professor Yu Miaojie provides us with an insightful analysis of how this system has evolved and how it is being challenged by the trade war with the United States. These topics are important to all those interested in the state of the world economy and in what the future might bring.” (Robert C. Feenstra, Distinguished Professor, University of California, Davis)

“Professor Yu has produced a masterful account of the economics underlying the US-China trade conflict. Central to the trade tensions are asymmetric flows of trade and capital between the countries. This timely book unpacks these flows and provides a thorough analysis of how these imbalances arose and how an unsuccessful resolution of the conflict would affect China, the US and the rest of the world. It is essential reading for those who want to understand the origins and possible future directions of the trade war.” (Gordon Hanson, Peter Wertheim Professor, Harvard University)

“This objective and authoritative study of current US-China trade conflict is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the roots and likely evolutions of one of the most important issues in our time.” (Justin Yifu Lin, Chair Professor, Peking University; Former Chief Economist, the World Bank)

“With tempers flaring on both sides of the Pacific and a China-US trade war rearing its ugly head, it is time to step beyond the rhetoric and listen to the voices of reason. Professor Yu is one of those rare voices. Trained in the United States and senior faculty at China’s premier Peking University, he has established himself as China’s leading authority on international trade and the current China-US trade war. In a series of essays, he puts the current trade war in context and provides a way past the rhetoric and towards dialogue.” (Daniel Trefler, J. Douglas & Ruth Grant Chair Professor, University of Toronto)

“This is the book on China trade that every China-watcher and every trade economist keeps on her book shelf.  The book not only gives a comprehensive analytical account of China’s transformation from an autarkic economy to a major world trader, it also covers the still-ongoing US-China trade war and the ambitious Belt-Road Initiative, and speculates insightfully on the internationalization of the RMB. A first-class book by a first-class economist.” (Wing Thye Woo, Distinguished Professor, University of California, Davis & Research Professor, Sunway University, Kuala Lumpur)